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Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery at the Maryland Science Center

Business Great Scott! A terrible crime has been committed at the Maryland Science Center and visitors’ powers of deduction are needed to solve it! Opening May 25, the newest travelling exhibit, Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery, will transport visitors back in time to Victorian London to solve this baffling thriller with the help of none other than the pipe-touting, hunting cap-wearing detective himself: the infamous Sherlock Holmes. To get to the bottom of this “whodunit,” visitors’ deductive reasoning will be tested as they move through the eight “chapters” of the exhibit, aided by written guides complete with a map and space for recording clues and suspects. Visitors will learn the important process of thorough research based on logic as they work with physical evidence riddled throughout the exhibit â€" eventually leading to a dramatic finale. Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery admission and activities are free with paid admission to the Maryland Science Center. The Maryland Science Center is located at 601 Light Street at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. For information and ticket prices, visit or call the 24-Hour Information Line at 410-685-5225.
July 18, 2013
July 18, 2013
Maryland Science Center , Baltimore, Maryland, 21202 United States
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